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Landscaping Services For Homes In Katy, Texas

As an extension of our lawn care services, we also can assist you with your landscaping needs. If you are not yet a Superior Lawn Care customer, it’s easy to get started with all of the services you need to keep your Katy lawn looking good!

Our Landscaping Services

Whether you are just looking to spruce things up or completely redo you landscape, Superior Lawn Care and Landscaping can help you with your project. From the full design to installation and maintenance, we handle it all, so your landscaping complements your home and your lifestyle.

Below you can read more about the different aspects of landscaping that we offer to our customers.

rock border around home

Rock Borders

There are many purposes for rocks in landscaping. They provide architectural definition around any structure in the yard and around the home. Finding suitable rocks for your house and achieving the desired look is always our first and foremost concern. We make sure anything we use compliments the landscaping and other architectural features of your home.

walkway near pool

Patios, Sitting Areas, & Walkways

Depending on the look you want and your needs, we customize various materials such as concrete, pavers, gravel, or a mixture of both to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing and functional hardscaped area.

water features in garden

Water Features

We customize water features based on your needs. Whether you want something small or large, up to koi pond size, we work with you to provide a great experience to create a water feature that you will appreciate and enjoy.

lighting around home


The purpose of landscape lighting is to accentuate the architecture of the house and the beauty of the landscape. This result is precisely what we aim for when planning your lighting design. We use professional-grade low voltage fixtures that are durable and come in different finishes. All our standard systems utilize energy-saving LED light bulbs which last up to 30,000 hours.

We also install Color Changing Smart Phone Controlled landscape lighting systems to provide that extra WOW factor and a resort-style feel for your property at night.

Once we install your lighting, we provide complete maintenance as needed to keep your light fixtures functioning effectively and properly. There is a one-year warranty on all fixtures and lights.

landscaped trees


Trees are placed into the design to work well with the rest of the landscaping, ensuring everything looks good. When adding trees into your landscaping design, we determine which trees will perform best in the environment and take sun and shade exposure into account and proximity to structures. Once your landscaping is complete, we will perform tree maintenance as needed, typically every 18-24 months.

Post Landscaping Installation For Katy, Texas Homes

Once everything is in place, we will reconfigure the irrigation to optimize the added feature. We will help you effectively manage your irrigation system, monitoring it remotely.

Give us a call at Superior Lawn Care to learn more about our landscaping services in Katy and how you can get started planning your new design!

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