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Superior Lawn Care For Your Katy Property

Taking care of your lawn takes a lot of work. If you’re not mowing, you’re weeding. If you’re not weeding, you’re trying to figure out why the grass in that one particular area keeps dying. A lot goes into having a healthy lawn, and sometimes you don’t have the time necessary to make it look its best. At Superior Lawn Care, we understand how valuable your time is, and we also know that not everyone wants to spend time caring for their lawn. When you partner with us, you don’t have to. We have over 30 years of industry experience and provide our customers with a wide variety of lawn care services to meet all your lawn care needs in Katy and the surrounding areas.

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn is a time-consuming task. Let Superior Lawn Care take it off of your to-do list so that you can spend your time doing what you love. Our lawn maintenance service begins with mowing, but we also offer enhanced services. We mow weekly between April and October and every other week from November to March. In addition to mowing, we offer shrub trimming, weeding, and mulching. We will provide a quote based on the size of your lawn. If enhanced services are requested, we’ll visit your property to inspect before providing a quote. Learn more about our lawn maintenance service here!

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If your lawn needs a makeover or you are starting from scratch, a beautiful new landscape design not only adds to the overall appeal of your house but also its value. Our landscaping services are available to our ongoing lawn care customers. We will create a design and estimate for the project, then install and maintain your new landscape. Our designs compliment your home and can include rock borders, landscape lighting, sprinklers, walkways, trees, flowerbeds, water features, and more. Learn more about our landscaping service here!

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Seasonal Flowers/Mulch

Year-round garden beauty takes patience and planning. We’ll take the hard work and guesswork out of the process for you by planting and maintaining a perfect blend of annuals and perennials to suit your color sense and make your garden “bloomin’ lovely” season after season. Our seasonal flowers and mulch service is available to our lawn care customers. We can change out the flowers anywhere from one to four times a year, and we’ll also clean up your flower beds and weed them. If you notice any problems with the flowers, please get in touch with us right away so we can make sure they stay as healthy as possible. View our work with seasonal flowers/mulch here!

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Landscape Lighting

Do you enjoy entertaining friends and family outdoors after dark? We can provide you with magnificent nightscaping for your home. Amaze your friends and family with custom lighting uniquely suited for your home and garden areas. We offer free estimates for our landscape lighting service. This service is available to lawn care customers. View our landscape lighting work here!

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Irrigation & Drainage

Proper drainage and irrigation are vital to the overall health of your lawn. As a licensed irrigation specialist, Superior Lawn Care offers the expertise you need. We will assess your lawn’s unique needs, design and install an irrigation system that meets those needs, and warranty the parts and service for two years. We install automated systems and teach you how to use them so that your lawn receives the best care possible. We also offer free drainage evaluations to identify drainage issues and offer the services necessary to correct those issues. Our irrigation and drainage services are available to our lawn care customers. View our work with irrigation and drainage here!

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Lawn Fertilization

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn and ridding your yard of pests, the number of product options is staggering. With all of those choices come a million questions: How much is too much or not enough? What’s safe to use? How often do I need to treat? What happens if I forget to fertilize? Fortunately, at Superior Lawn Care, we have all the answers, and we’ll be happy to arrange a schedule of proper lawn fertilization and insect abatement that’s just right for you. Our lawn fertilization services include a free estimate, are customized to your lawn’s needs, and are available for our lawn care customers. View our lawn fertilization work here!

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Customer Reviews

Eric and his team did an outstanding job for us. I originally gave Eric a rough draft of what i was looking for which was a total redo of my front yard that included cutting down large trees and removing existing flower beds and grass. He came back to me with a very professional drawing and suggestions that i hadn't thought of. The end result was simply amazing and i would strongly recommend him and his team if you're looking for work to be done with your yard.

Chad P.
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