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Lawn Care Services For Homes In Katy, Texas

Regular lawn maintenance is our most requested service. Whatever you need for your lawn, we are ready to deliver. Every property is different, so we will map the property, look at the square footage, and provide a base service fee.

With Superior Lawn Care and Landscaping, you can keep your lawn healthy and looking good! Keep reading to learn more about the services we offer.

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Our Lawn Maintenance Services

We will do a more specific estimate during our first visit, looking at factors such as types of plants and the size and condition of flower beds. We will then create a package based on your specific needs.

Below, you can learn more about the lawn care services we provide

  • Mowing: Mowing occurs weekly from April through October and every other week from November through March. Your specific schedule will depend on the season, but times are flexible. If you are a small to average size property, we will NOT use large riding or standing mowers on your property as they are designed for mowing larger properties.

  • Weeding: Weeding occurs with each mowing service we perform.

  • Shrub trimming: Shrub trimming happens five to six times a year and is based on growth and included in the service fee.

  • Fertilization: Most Southern Grasses require fertilization to occur four times a year, early spring, early summer, mid-summer, and fall. We use a granular lawn fertilization program.

  • Insecticide Application: An insecticide is applied two times a year and is also a granular treatment aimed at treating the chinch bugs that eat the roots of the grass. Chinch Bugs are prominent in our area and can destroy your lawn. Insecticides also help eliminate fire ants, fleas, and other types of pests that may impact your lawn and impede your ability to use your lawn for recreation or other activities. These treatments are the most important treatments that you will typically have done to your lawn!

  • Mulching: Mulching we perform twice a year, using brown hardwood mulch. This mulch naturally biodegrades and provides supplements and nutrients for the plants. Mulch acts as a weed barrier by helping prevent weed seedlings from settling in flower beds and germinating, provides moisture control by helping roots keep moisture longer, and is a thermal insulator by keeping plant roots cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We will break up and fluff mulch as needed to keep it loose and airy for water to penetrate, provide better thermal insulation, and refresh the color.

  • Seasonal Flowers: Seasonal flowers are planted based on your requests. This service can be performed as many times a year as you feel necessary. Spring and Fall are the two most popular times to have your seasonal flowers changed out.

We offer varying levels of service programs in Katy, TX to meet your needs. Each property is unique, so our lawn and landscaping care are truly customizable. Give us a call at Superior Lawn Care and Landscaping to learn more and find out how you can get started!

Customer Reviews

Eric and his team did an outstanding job for us. I originally gave Eric a rough draft of what i was looking for which was a total redo of my front yard that included cutting down large trees and removing existing flower beds and grass. He came back to me with a very professional drawing and suggestions that i hadn't thought of. The end result was simply amazing and i would strongly recommend him and his team if you're looking for work to be done with your yard.

Chad P.
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